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How do I figure out my Enneagram Number?

Determining your Enneagram Type involves self-reflection, introspection, and sometimes taking a formal assessment. Here are some steps you can follow to help figure out your Enneagram Type in your process of self-discovery:

Enneagram Types

1. Research the Enneagram Types: The best way to discern your Enneagram Type is by learning about all nine of the Enneagram Types including their core motivations, fears, desires, and typical behaviors. Understanding the basic characteristics of each type can help you identify which one resonates most with you. There are numerous incredible books about the Enneagram to learn more, or if you're a more experiential learning - listening to the Types share about their experience in my podcast is another helpful resource to learn more. The Enneagram is based on your underlying motivations, so consider what drives you (the fears the push you and desires that pull you) and how you typically respond to situations.

2. Enneagram Typing Interview: As a certified Narrative Enneagram Practitioner, I facilitate Typing Interviews and Type Clarifying interviews to help others land on their dominant Enneagram Type. Typing Interviews are an hour long session conducted over Zoom video conferencing. The interview session will include a series of questions specifically designed to indicate which of the nine Enneagram Types you most resonate with. Because your Enneagram number is determined by your underlying motivations & not your behaviors, the interview will conclude with an explanation of your top 2-3 Enneagram Numbers that your answers most resonate with for you to then further explore the underlying motivation of each Type. At the conclusion of this interview, you will be provided with a Post-Typing Resource the gives summarized information of each of the Nine Types to help in that final discernment process.

Type Clarifying Sessions are designed for those going back-and-forth between two Types and just can seem to land on your dominant Enneagram Type. A 30 min Type Clarifying Session will aid you in discerning your dominant Enneagram Type if you already have it narrowed down to one of two Types. If you are completely new to the Enneagram, a full 60min Typing Interview is recommend instead.

3. Take an Enneagram Typing Test: My free Enneagram Type Indicator is a great start in the process of discerning your dominant Enneagram Type as it will narrow down your mostly likely 2-3 Types. Further discernment is required to find your Type with the free Indicator. Another more extensive resource that I use when working with corporate teams is the Enneagram Typing Test created by CP Enneagram Academy. Keep in mind that these tests are not always 100% accurate, but they can provide a starting point for your self-discovery.

4. Keep an Open Mind: Remember that although your Enneagram Type does not change to other numbers over time and everyone has one dominant Enneagram Enneagram Type, your self-awareness and understanding of the Enneagram Types can lead to shifts in your dominant Enneagram Type. It's not that you have been two different Types in your lifespan, but rather you haven't landed on your dominant Type yet in your discernment process. Be open to exploring different Types and revisiting your Type over time as you continue to learn more.

I would encourage you to take on the process of discerning your Enneagram Type with a humble posture and a curious mind as you as yourself "does this land with me? does that sound like me? is that how others experience me?" And if you need help along the way, I'd love to assist you in your discernment process through a Typing Interview.


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