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Enneagram Coaching

By integrating an awareness of the body into our Enneagram conversation, we can move out of intellectual knowledge of the Enneagram into embodied practices of healing and growth.


In the coaching process, I will work with you to:

  • solidify your Enneagram Type (to make sure you've landed on your dominant Number),

  • support you in the areas of your current experience that are most challenging with regards to how your Enneagram Type may influence your relationship to yourself and others,

  • invite you into increased self-awareness and felt-sense awareness to name your thoughts, behaviors, & reactions in real time

  • guide you through practices to help balance out reactivity, process emotions, and make sense of challenging experiences. 

If you are interested in learning more or starting the process of Somatic Enneagram Coaching, please schedule a free Discovery Call to learn more about this style of coaching. Unlike the Executive Enneagram Coaching I offer, Somatic Enneagram Coaching is purchased in an initial set of 4  full sessions (50 min) as an initial commitment to the process.

What does Somatic mean? Soma comes from a word meaning "body" in Greek, so somatic means "of the body." Somatic practices help to create an awareness of your bodily sensations to 1) build your capacity to listen to our body, 2) establish resources to help manage the reactivity of your nervous system (with the goal of returning to your widow of tolerance), and 3) to help process unresolved emotions and challenging experiences lingering in our system.

About the Practitioner

Abbi is an IEA accredited Enneagram Professional, certified Narrative Enneagram Practitioner, certified Trauma Informed Somatic Integration Therapist (60-hr), a Somatic Stress Release Practitioner (100-hr), and holds a Masters in Student Development Theory that supports her work. Learn more about Abbi HERE.

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