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Abbi Rodriguez
Abbi Rodriguez Enneagram Teacher

Welcome, I'm Abbi!

I'm an Accredited Enneagram Teacher & Certified Somatic Practitioner. My work centers on partnering with people as they try to make sense of their lives and inviting them to take on a posture of curiosity about themselves and others. I teach virtual workshop series, coach individuals, and facilitate custom workshops for organizations. I am also the host of the podcast Enneagram Coaching with Abbi Rodriguez and an educational Instagram page @enneagramspace. I'm an IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional, trauma-informed Somatic Practitioner, and have a Masters in Student Development that supports my work. In addition to my Enneagram work, my life is filled with family time with my husband & two young children.

Finding the Enneagram:

I love to learn and to be a part of other's learning process. For years that passion ​led me to a decade-long career in Student Development within a university setting. In 2015, a dear colleague introduced me to the Enneagram and I've been captivated by it ever since.

In 2020, I started my coaching practice and obtained my 180 hour certification as a Narrative Enneagram Practitioner. This certification, in addition to my Masters of Student Development, have laid the foundation for my work as an Enneagram Teacher & Coach.

Finding Somatic Integration:

I received an introduction to Somatic work in the Narrative Enneagram IEA Training program as integrating Somatic intelligence is one of the three pillars in their approach. As I started coaching & teaching small groups with the Enneagram framework, I began to realize that although the Enneagram offers us an incredible tool for insight and self-awareness, the intellectual knowledge of this framework could only take an individual so far in their growth & healing process. More & more I found that the basic somatic techniques I had gleamed from my Narrative Enneagram training had become essential in the coaching space for individuals experiencing burnout, hopelessness, and stress. 

This desire to continue being equipped to support my coaching clients started me on a journey of learning more in the world of somatic integration. In 2021, I received a 60-hr certification as a Trauma Informed Somatic Integration Therapist through Embody Lab. In 2022, I received a 100-hr certification as a Somatic Stress Release Practitioner under the teaching and supervision of Dr. Scott Lyons and his team.

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