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How can I use the Enneagram at work?

For those in the workforce, we spend the bulk of our work week interacting with various personalities from our supervisor to co-workers to the clients & customers we serve. Sometimes those interactions with others are incredibly life-giving, but we can also find ourselves discouraged & exhausted by the personality dynamics in our workplace. In a recent article in Psychology Today, it was reported that over 50% of employees quit because of a bad manager, which creates a drain on resources due to employee turnover. A lack of self-awareness and emotional intelligence within the workplace has a direct impact on staff retention and the organizations ability to thrive in their industry. 

Enneagram in the Workplace

Not only will you benefit in an increased self-awareness from understanding your own Enneagram Type, but having more in-depth knowledge about all the nine Types fosters emotional intelligence & can dramatically improve your working experience with others. In a recent Forbes article, about 80% of millennial respondents indicated that emotional intelligence is something they actively focus on as they develop their careers.

In this season of Enneagram Coaching with Abbi, I share live coaching episodes where we explore the dynamics of our Enneagram Type within the context of our work environment. My intention is that this podcast, along with the corporate Enneagram workshops I teach, will be a resource in your personal and professional growth. The episode 57 in this fourth season of Enneagram Coaching with Abbi Rodriguez releases on March 13th, so follow along and subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts.

In the meantime, reach out to me on my website at to schedule a free consultation call to explore how a knowledge of the Enneagram will benefit your organization through team Enneagram workshops and executive coaching.


Learn more about bringing the Enneagram to your organization by scheduling a FREE consultation call with certified Enneagram Instructor Abbi Rodriguez.

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