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Enneagram Coaching

We bring our personality into the workplace - its unavoidable. There are many natural gifts we have because of our specific Enneagram Type, but the blindspots that are true of our Type also impact how we communicate and interact with others. Enneagram Coaching invites us to be confident and lean into our strengths, but to also take a humble look at the areas of our personality that can be unhelpful in certain interactions with others. The coaching process invites us to increase our self-awareness of how we show up in our roles so that we can begin to balance out the reactivity of our personality Type to be more present and collaborative with others. 

Enneagram Coaching is provided to individual participants as part of corporate Enneagram workshops with teams. Additional access to Enneagram coaching for individuals or the team as a whole can be coordinated as well. Schedule a Consultation Call for an Enneagram Workshop or a Discovery Call to explore individual coaching.

If you are interested in pursuing Enneagram Coaching for personal rather than professional reasons, I offer Somatic Enneagram Coaching for individuals as well. You can learn about that style of coaching HERE.

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