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Enneagram For Business

Enneagram for Organizations

You may have the needed expertise and knowledge for your field, but if you can’t relate to others or communicate expectations effectively, you will find yourself at a standstill amidst inevitable confusion, hurt feelings, and waisted time. No matter what the industry, there is a tremendous value in increased self-awareness and a broader understanding of others that the Enneagram can offer.

The Enneagram is a tool used for personal development through an increase understanding of oneself, especially in relation to others. This tool identifies nine dominant personality types based off of our core motivations, which in turn indicates a set of patterns in the way that we think, feel, and act in our world. The Enneagram can help one make sense of their past, especially with regards to the tension and rubbing points one experienced in professional relationships, but it can also equip us to thrive in our communication, leadership, collaboration, productivity, stress management, and so much more!


Prior to the first session, members of the organization will receive an Enneagram Type Indicator or participate in an Individual Typing Interview in order to identify their dominant Enneagram Type & jumpstart their self-discovery process.

The Enneagram is more than a personality tool as the awareness of your dominant Enneagram Type not only gives you a greater awareness of how you think, feel & respond to the world, but it also offers incredible insight for personal growth past some of the habits and natural tendencies of your Type.

Enhance the culture of your organization through increased emotional intelligence and understanding of differences between the people of your organization that inhibit effective supervision/management, leadership development, meaningful collaboration, and overall workplace satisfaction.

Training Format:

Professional development with the Enneagram can be customized to meet the needs and goals of the organization. The typical structure requested ranges from Day Sessions (6+ hours) to Workshops (2 hours) to Workshop series (multiple 1-2 hour sessions over the course of a set timeframe). 

Schedule a Consultation Call to discuss how the Enneagram can move your organization forward!

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"The Enneagram sessions allowed our associates to reflect not only on themselves, but in how they work together and interact as a group.  Many associates have reported that it has also helped them in their personal relationships. Abbi was very responsive to our organization’s needs.  She worked with us to tailor her presentation and materials to our unique goals.  As a presenter, Abbi was informative and engaging."

— Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC

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