Enneagram Coaching

We can learn a lot about the Enneagram on our own, but sometimes we still have patterns of our Type that feel defeating and we don't know how to move forward.

Maybe you need some support and guidance around:

  • a tricky relationship with a loved one or professional colleague,

  • a new transition like parenthood, becoming an empty nester, or starting a new job, or

  • getting unstuck from the tendencies of your Type that feel exhausting for you

If any of that resonates, Enneagram Coaching is perfect for you! The coaching process helps you to shift from discouraged to feeling more empowered. We will meet on a weekly basis and work on the areas where you want to grow most using the wisdom of the Enneagram and contemplative breath-work practices. Individual coaching is about identifying the unhelpful tendencies of your Type that are holding you back and implementing new mindful practices that will empower you to thrive.

Still discerning if Enneagram coaching is a good fit for you? Start the process with a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call to learn more about Enneagram Coaching or reach out to Abbi via email


Type Two


"Even after just one session of coaching I could tell that I was more confident and was becoming more mindful and self-aware. I was able to stop and pay attention to my emotions and how I was feeling physically in both times of happiness and stress. I also walked out of my last coaching session feeling self-assured and confident in a hard decision that I was having to make at the time - which is something that I really needed."

"As a manager of 20+ employees, I found myself struggling to understand how to effectively manage and lead those I had been entrusted to lead. It was important for me to get coaching tailored to my personality and unique gifting.  After working with Abbi for several hours during the coaching process, I was able to see my strengths and growing edges more clearly, and I was able to work with her to strategize ways to improve communication and relationships. Abbi helped me see my self through the eyes of my employees, and that has been invaluable. If you are considering coaching, give it a try. You’ll thank yourself later."

"I made immense progress during this coaching process. Learning in depth about my Enneagram type and the instincts was a life changer. Abbi was able to synthesize my experience and give practical tools for growth. She challenged me when appropriate to be curious about myself and let go of some of my self limiting judgements. She was a safe place to fully express my emotions and encouraged me to sit through the tough tender ones. I have a deeper knowledge of my type structure which allows me to both acknowledge my 'blind spots' and celebrate my gifts."


Type Four


Type Two