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What are the nine Enneagram Types?

The Enneagram is unique in that each of the personality types are created by an underlying motivation (a basic fear and desire) that in turn influence behavior and perception. The nine Enneagram types are:

Enneagram Types Diagram

1. The Reformer | principled, purposeful, & self-controlled

Core Fear: Being wrong or making mistakes

Core Desire: To be good, to have integrity, to be right

We are drawn to Type 1s as friends and loved ones because they are honorable and committed to a life of improving what is around them with integrity. At their best they are wise, ethical, reliable, realistic & orderly.

2. The Helper | generous, demonstrative, & welcoming

Core Fear: Being unwanted, unworthy of affection

Core Desire: To feel wanted, needed & loved

We are drawn to Type 2s because they are generous in their efforts to love and care for others. They are great at creating a comfortable space for others. At their best they are altruistic, hospitable, supportive,  loving, generous,  & compassionate.

3. The Achiever | adaptable, excelling, & driven

Core Fear: Failing or being worthless

Core Desire: To be successful & for their contributions to be worthwhile

We are drawn to Type 3s because they rise to the challenge and achieve for the common good when they are at their best. At their best they are authentic, self-accepting, inspiring, optimistic, & energetic.

4. The Individualist | passionate, expressive, & captivating

Core Fear: Being without personal significance or purpose

Core Desire: To understand themselves & their significance

We are drawn to Type fours because they are deeply authentic, emotionally honest, and attuned to beauty in a way that invites us to see beauty in new ways. At their best they are inspiring, creative, compassionate, and introspective.

5. The Investigator | perceptive, innovative, & discrete

Core Fear: Being useless, helpless, or incompetent

Core Desire: To be capable, to know, & to be competent

We are drawn to Type Fives because they have a depth of knowledge and willingly share their understandings with others for everyone’s betterment. At their best, they are visionary, analytical, objective, curious, perceptive, and wise.

6. The Loyal Skeptic | engaging, responsible, & concerned

Core Fear: Navigating uncertainty without support or guidance

Core Desire: To have certainty, security & support

We are drawn to Type 6s because they are loyal, honest, reliable, and organize their thoughts and actions around what is most advantageous for the common good. At their best, they are self-reliant, prepared, trustworthy, practical & responsible.

7. The Enthusiast | versatile, spontaneous, & inquisitive

Core Fear: Feeling limited, constricted, or stuck

Core Desire: To be satisfied & content, to have desires fulfilled

We are drawn to Type 7s because they are fun-loving, adventurous, energizing, practical, and resilient. At their best, they focus their talents on worthwhile goals, appreciative, joyous, enthusiastic, & fun-loving.

8. The Protector | self-confident, decisive, & willful

Core Fear: Being harmed or controlled by others

Core Desire: To protect themselves, to be in control of their own life

We are drawn to Type 8s because they are confident and strong, so we often feel empowered when we are being protected by them. At their best, they are resilient, protective, self-confident, loyal, and they use their strength to empower others.

9. The Peacemaker | receptive, reassuring, & easy-going

Core Fear: Disruption causing loss or separation

Core Desire: To have an inner stability & peace, for everything to be okay

We are drawn to Type 9s because they have a hospitable disposition due to their ability to see the world from everyone’s perspective. At their best, they are patient, accepting, open-minded, empathetic & able to bring people together.


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