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Enneagram 7 - the Enthusiast

We are drawn to Type 7s because they are fun-loving, adventurous, energizing, practical, and resilient. At their best, they focus their talents on worthwhile goals, appreciative, joyous, enthusiastic, & fun-loving.

Enneagram 7 - the Enthusiast

The Type Seven structure is comprised of an underlying desire to be satisfied, to feel content, and to pursue limitless opportunity. This desire is coupled with an underlying fear of being limited, feeling stuck, or being overburdened with hopeless/negative experiences. Sevens' focus of attention is drawn towards anticipating positive experiences & ideas. They pay attention to the positive data in a situation & accentuate it until it becomes a best-case scenario. They are pleasure-seeking & future-oriented in order to avoid pain in the present.

Enneagram Nines are naturally preoccupied with:

  •  Excitement, enjoyment & experiences

  • Options, possibilities & ideas

  • Avoiding limitations & boredom

  • Seeing the silver lining

If you are trying to discern whether or not you lead with Type Seven, consider if these "I" statements resonate with you from the perspective of an Enneagram Seven:

  • I enjoy staying on the go as much as possible & feel really restless when things are mundane

  • I love the good things in life - if  I want something, why wouldn't I go after it?

  • When I feel anxious, I usually have an idea to go do something else & enjoy anticipating it

  • I tend to feel like you can never have too much of a good thing

  • I struggle with moderation - I tend to oscillate in extremes of all or nothing

  • I feel like it's essential to experience life - going to restaurants, traveling, trying new things, enjoying friends, etc.

  • Some perceive me as being pushy about what I want or think, but I'm just excited about it & I really want it to happen!

As a Narrative Enneagram Practitioner, I believe that the best way to learn about the 9 Types is to experience them. Learn more about Type Seven in my podcast episodes linked below:


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