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Enneagram 3 - the Achiever

We are drawn to Type 3s because they rise to the challenge and have a tremendous capacity to accomplish whatever is needed to move forward towards the goal in mind. At their best they are inspiring, optimistic, motivating, & energetic.

Enneagram Three

The Type Three structure is comprised of an underlying desire to understand create value in the world through their accomplishments along with an underlying fear of being unworthy of admiration or worthless. Enneagram Three's focus of attention is drawn towards achieving & being successful, and so they focus on what needs to get done, but also on obstacles that might block their path. Their attention also goes towards others' perception of them in order to gain approval & understand how to be successful in any given situation.

Enneagram Threes are naturally preoccupied with:

  • Accomplishing tasks as efficiently as possible

  • Setting & meeting individual & group goals

  • Adjusting to meet internal & external expectations of success

If you are trying to discern whether or not you lead with Type Three, consider if these "I" statements resonate with you from the perspective of an Enneagram Three:

  • I try to make the most of my skill set & abilities to be successful in whatever I set out to do

  • I want to be good at whatever I choose to do with my time & energy

  • What others think about me is important to me - I care how others perceive me

  • I look confident & self-assured, but I'm also terrified of failing

  • I'm efficient & I know how to get things done - I often feel like others are slowing me down

  • I find that accomplishing things in life requires making a good impression, so I have a knack for being on others' good side

  • One of my top priorities is achieving the personal & professional goals I've set for myself

As a Narrative Enneagram Practitioner, I believe that the best way to learn about the 9 Types is to experience them. Learn more about Type Three in my podcast episodes linked below:


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