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Ennea-Tapes are a set of Type-specific teachings designed to illuminate the habits and behaviors of your Enneagram Number. These teachings are an excellent foundation to build from as you utilize the Enneagram for increased personal awareness & personal growth. Check out the "Track List" image to see the content that is covered in these teachings.


The audio set includes almost 2 hours of Enneagram teachings that are specific to the Type. Join my membership program to have Voxer voice memo access to Enneagram Coach Abbi Rodriguez to enhance your learning experience. As you go through the teachings, you can send voice memos or texts to Abbi with any questions you may have along the way!

Type Three Ennea-Tape

  • Once purchased, you'll receive an option to instantly download the audio files on the site confirmation page. The download will also be emailed to you with the email you provide at checkout. The download will be a zip file of .wav format audio files, which can be opened & saved on your computer or a cloud storage drive to access at your leisure. 

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