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If you don't know why you think, feel or act in the ways that you naturally do, you can waste a lot of energy stumbling through "best practices" for personal growth & self-care that may not be what you actually need based on your Enneagram Type. This audio is a re-recorded audio of the teachings presented in the "Growth & Self-Care" workshop held live with participants.


The teaching audio is over four hours of Enneagram content where I walk you through:

  • the specific stressors for each Type,
  • our natural stress response,
  • how we can better manage stress,
  • practices to incorporate self-care. and
  • personal growth rhythms into our everyday life based on our Type.


The teaching audio is a digital download so you can listen to it on your phone or computer & it also comes with a digital workbook that includes journal prompts, space to process the teachings & additional resources for continued learning.

Growth & Self-Care Series Audio

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