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Enneagram 8 - the Protector

We are drawn to Type 8s because they are confident and strong, so we often feel empowered when we are being protected by them. At their best, they are resilient, protective, self-confident, loyal, and they use their strength to empower others.

Enneagram 8 - The Challenger

The Type Eight structure is comprised of an underlying desire to be in control of one's reality and to have autonomy. This desire is coupled with an underlying fear of being take advantage of. Eights' focus of attention is drawn towards who has power & assessing if they are using it justly. Their awareness of power-dynamics makes them perceptive to injustices & others needing protection. They are aware of power voids and will often take the lead if power is up for the taking.

Eights are naturally concerned with:

  • Controlling their reality

  • Correcting injustices

  • Protecting themselves & others

  • Challenging power

If you are trying to discern whether or not you lead with Type Eight, consider if these "I" statements resonate with you from the perspective of an Enneagram Eight:

  • I am highly self-reliant & independent - I don't want others to hold power over me

  • I tend to step into leadership roles because I am strong, decisive & wiling to take action

  • When others are indecisive or aren't standing up for themselves, it drives me nuts

  • I am passionate & direct - others always know where I stand

  • I am resilient & dare I say tougher than most, but I have a softer side with loved ones

  • Often others are intimidated by my intensity - I try to help them feel more comfortable with me, but sometimes I think "why should I even bother?"

  • My presence naturally commands respect - others look up to me or assumed I'm in charge (even when I'm not)

As a Narrative Enneagram Practitioner, I believe that the best way to learn about the 9 Types is to experience them. Learn more about Type Eight in my podcast episodes linked below:


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