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Enneagram 6 - the Loyal Skeptic

We are drawn to Type 6s because they are loyal, honest, reliable, and organize their thoughts and actions around what is most advantageous for the common good. At their best, they are self-reliant, prepared, trustworthy, practical & responsible.

Enneagram 6 - the Loyal Skeptic

Sixes' focus of attention is drawn towards potential concerns & anticipating what could go wrong. They are more sensitive to the negative data informing them of threats & focus on understanding all the varied aspects of situations or people in order to gain a greater sense of certainty.

Enneagram Sixes are naturally preoccupied with:

  • Managing pitfalls and threats

  • Being dutiful to assure goodwill

  • Doubting & testing everything

  • Contributing & earning their keep

If you are trying to discern whether or not you lead with Type Six, consider if these "I" statements resonate with you from the perspective of an Enneagram Six:

  • I am more vigilant & aware of potential concerns or problems than most people

  • I can be very cautious about a problem, but then do something impulsive just to get it over with

  • I tend to be skeptical of some people & feel like they don't like me or that they're out to get me

  • I can drive myself nuts with all of my concerns & indecision

  • I can stand my ground & be really tough when I have to be, but I don't usually feel tough inside

  • I am reliable, responsible, and willing to work hard to invest in the organizations I'm committed to

  • I tend to get really nervous when I'm making important decisions, but I don't want others making the decision for me either

As a Narrative Enneagram Practitioner, I believe that the best way to learn about the 9 Types is to experience them. Learn more about Type Six in my podcast episodes linked below:


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