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Corporate Workshops (Consultation)

A specialized workshop for employees of your organization

  • 30 min
  • Location 1

Service Description

No matter what type of work we have pursued, there is a tremendous value in increased self awareness and a broader understanding of others that the Enneagram can offer. You may have the needed expertise and knowledge for your field, but if you can’t relate to others or communicate expectations effectively in order to move the initiative forward, you will find yourself at a standstill amidst inevitable confusion, hurt feelings, and waisted time. The Enneagram is a tool used for personal development through an increase understanding of oneself, especially in relation to others. This tool divides the human race into nine Enneagram types based off of our core motivations, which in turn indicates a set of habitual patterns in the way that we think, feel, and act in our world. The Enneagram can help one make sense of their past, especially with regards to the tension and rubbing points one experienced in relationships, but it can also equip us to interact in a much more life-giving way in the present. Workshops can be customized to the needs of the organization and will range from two hours to full day to monthly workshops series depending on the the desired outcome for our time together. Sessions can be conducted via a Zoom call or in-person if the organization has in-house space to facilitate such a training session. Please schedule a free consultation call to explore organizational workshops for your workplace.

Contact Details

  • (615) 988-0244

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